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Flow Image Wardrobe Weeding


Snjezana will show you how to create "your look" to suit your lifestyle using clothes you already own. She will weed out what no longer works for you and then create a shopping list of priority items to complement and revitalise your current wardrobe. Your wardrobe will also be organized to make getting dressed effortless and efficient.


Colour analysis

Style analysis

Make - up

Bridal programme

Personal shopping

Seasonal updates

Wardrobe weeding


"It has made such a difference knowing what colours to go for and what to avoid. I had a couple of interviews and did a solo theatre show and it really helped with my confidence knowing what colour I would look my best in..."

"Can I just say how grateful I am for the Friday session. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do and I feel so good about my wardrobe situ and so confident about getting something out to wear today. I will be addressing skirts and looking forward to viewing your leather purchase at some point even if it’s not my cup of tea.... Thx a million u wonderful woooman."